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About Us

VIVA floor prides itself on unequaled expertise in producing stylish and quality laminate, hybrid flooring, SPC, decking, decorative wall panel, hardwood flooring, and engineered hardwood floors. VIVA floor has large facilities readily available to fulfill clients' orders with speed and dependable availability.

Our depth of experience and expertise in the wood flooring industry allows us to offer the ideal combination of prompt delivery and accurate service. We take pride in using quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and exacting safety and quality control measures to ensure that each and every customer receives the highest quality product. With numerous and varied styles to choose from, each collection comes with its own factory warranty. In addition to offering the finest products available today, we are also committed to delivering superior service.

Our highly trained, dedicated team strives for excellence in every way. The diversity of our people is our best asset and their value is a central part of VIVA floor. Our goal is to ensure each transaction is conducted smoothly and each and every client is satisfied not only with their actual purchase, but with their total purchasing experience. 

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Our Mission

VIVA FLOORS is all about innovation that gives you the freedom of choice. 

Until now, people who wished to floor their homes had the choice between the products of big manufacturers - who typically offer decent products at high prices and limited range – and imports that offer a large variety of styles at low cost, but suffer from dubious quality and reliability.

With VIVA floor all that has changed. VIVA floor was created to offer the best of both worlds – great, GUARANTEED quality, offered in range of dazzling styles – and all at lower prices.  We can do all that because we want everyone can have peace of mind after installing our product.

The Healthiest Floors On Earth

No floor maker on earth is more environmentally conscientious than VIVA floor. We acquire raw materials only from ecologically well-managed forests and suppliers. Between each ply of our engineered wood floors we use only environmentally-safe adhesives. Every VIVA floor represents an exquisite balance of beauty, character and magnificent architectural structures and strict, reverent preservation of our natural resources.


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